The air pump is used to trap material from air samples. Two traps can be used: Conventional (CT) and Needle (NT). The flow rates used for these traps are different. 

Custodion-CT: a flow rate range of 5 to 100 mL/min 

Custodion-NT: 5-15 mL/min  

The pump can operate for up to 27 hours at 1 L/min on a single charge. The battery will charge when the unit is plugged into 110 V (220V) AC service. 

Needle Trap: Can be used directly with the Torion T-9 and the SPS-3

Conventional Trap: Used with the SPS-3, conventional traps are used when larger volumes are sampled to capture the sample. The sample is then transferred to the Needle Trap, which is then used to inject the material into the Torion T-9.