Solid phase microextraction (SPME) is a solvent-free extraction technique that combines extraction, collection, and concentration of analytes present in gas, liquid, and dissolved solid samples.

The Custodion SPME Syringe provides the capability to collect and analyze a sample at any location.  After sample collection, the SPME fiber is inserted directly into the heated injection port of the GC for thermal desorption, separation, and detection. 

CUSTODION sampling products consist of:

  • CUSTODION-SPME (solid phase microextraction) for semi-quantitative analysis of liquid samples, headspace above liquid or solid samples, and gaseous samples 
  • CUSTODION-NT (needle trap) for sampling and quantitative analysis of gaseous samples
  • See also the CLAIRION for collection of gas samples in a conventional trap, followed by thermal desorption and collection onto a needle trap.