High quality products, from oil well to point of sale

Fast GC/MS results where the samples are collected

The petroleum industry produces a wide variety of samples that can be very complex mixtures. Having the ability to provide GC/MS data on all samples at the point of origin would be advantageous for maintaining high quality products. In many cases, the point at which samples are collected can be in locations far removed from laboratories with analytical capabilities.

In response to this need, our Torion T-9 is a lightweight, fast and portable GC/MS. This instrument is easily transported to wherever samples need to be collected and analyzed. Why wait for days or weeks to get results that may impact the quality of your product or your profitability?

Torion T-9 can give you the following advantages for petroleum samples:

  • Field-portable sampling and analysis for many sample types
  • Fast sample collection and analysis: often in less than 10 minutes total time
  • Immediate results: no need to transport samples to lab and wait for days or weeks
  • Completely self-contained operation: on-board battery and carrier gas for operation anywhere