Ensure fast response with fast on-site analysis

Getting the data you need without delay

With increasing costs of raw materials, can you wait for days or weeks to get results that can be achieved in minutes? Why have samples taken back to the lab and wait for the results when you can collect samples and have the analyses done in less than 10 minutes when on site?

The Torion T-9 GC/MS, is the world’s lightest and fastest GC/MS, with your needs in mind. We also offer CUSTODION, CLAIRION, and SPS-3 products for sample collection, preparation and introduction into the Torion-T9 GC/MS. All these products are rugged enough to be taken just about any place. They are all battery powered and have their own self-contained pressurized gas supply. This means you can arrive on site, turn the instrument on, and collect GC/MS data in less than 10 minutes from a cold start. It is possible to receive data every 5-10 minutes.

Key advantages for the analysis of your products:

  • Field-portable sampling of air, water or solid samples
  • Fast total time: sample collection, preparation and analysis in less than 10 minutes
  • Immediate results: no need to transport samples to lab and wait
  • Immediate availability of results to make time critical decisions rapidly