Fast monitoring of air, water or solids

Results immediately available after sample collection for rapid response

The presence of toxic or harmful compounds in our environment can be a concern of government regulators, industrial suppliers and all people. In many cases, using traditional methodologies of collecting samples, transporting them to the lab and then waiting while the samples make it through the normal queue does not provide results fast enough. If environmental contamination has occurred, decisions that impact the health and well-being of people need to be made fast and at the place of contamination. This ability to make decisions rapidly in the field has been one of the driving forces behind the development of Torion® instrumentation.

Whether air, water or solid samples need to be collected and analyzed, we have technology that has you covered. CLAIRION™, SPS-3™ and CUSTODION® products allow the sampling and collection of samples from nearly any environmental matrix. Then these samples can be introduced into the Torion-T9 GC/MS, the world’s lightest and fastest GC/MS, there on-site where the samples have been collected.  We feel it is more important to collect data and not just samples.

Torion can give you the following advantages for your environmental analyses:

  • Field portable sampling of air, water or solid samples
  • Fast total time; sample collection, preparation and analysis in less than 10 minutes
  • Immediate results; no need to transport samples to lab and wait
  • Immediate availability of results for making time-critical decisions rapidly