Why wait days or weeks for your GC/MS data? Discover how to get results 70x faster. 

We offer a unique blend of truly field portable, analytical solutions covering a wide range of markets.

Understanding that field analysis must be fast, most of our market solutions take from 5-20 minutes for sample collection/extraction, analysis and data reporting. Unlike traditional methods that can take days or weeks, you can have your GC/MS data on location literally in minutes.

With the Torion T-9 portable GC/MS, you do your testing where an event occurs, and you get your results there, too. No sample transportation or degradation. No processing, packaging, and prep time. You simply respond, collect, analyze, and identify, right there on the ground. See the fast, accurate Torion workflow.

Watch the Torion T-9 GC/MS at work across the globe and see how quickly these first responders get accurate, reliable results – up to 70x faster than conventional lab analysis!