Torion T-9 GCMS Product Note

PerkinElmer's Torion® T-9 portable gas chromatograph/mass spectrometer (GC/MS) brings new meaning to portability. At a total weight of only 32 pounds, this one of-a-kind GC/MS is also fast, reliable and easy to use.

Torion T-9 GC/MS

Chromion Software

Torion Technologies introduces CHROMION Software, a complete GC/MS analytical PC software package with quantitation capabilities, advanced proprietary peak deconvolution, and customized peak identification algorithms creating a powerful tool for evaluation of mass spectral data.


Custodion SPME

CUSTODION SPME Syringes for single-handed sample collection and injection.

Custodion SPME

SPS-3 Sample Preparation Station

The innovative SPS-3 enhances the capabilities of Torion’s person-portable Torion T-9 GC/MS instrument. With the SPS-3, field sample preparation is rapid, reliable and enables easy sample collection.



CALION Standards are solventless standards used to calibrate and validate the performance of GC and GC-MS instruments.



Torion T-9 air sampling products enhance the capabilities of the portable GC/MS. The CLAIRION product line includes a hand-held battery powered air pump, along with CUSTODION conventional and needle trapping devices for air sampling.