Collect Data, Not Just Samples

Discover complete solutions offered by Torion® that include collecting and analyzing samples at the point of origin. Our technology provides immediate results without waiting for samples to be transported to the lab for analyses, thus saving time, money, and aggravation.

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The TRIDION™-9 GC-MS is the world's smallest portable GC-MS, which is fast, reliable, and easy to use. The integrated system features a low thermal mass capillary gas chromatograph with high-speed temperature programming and a miniaturized toroidal ion trap mass spectrometer (TMS) with a mass range from 50 to 500 Daltons.

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Take your instrument to the sample. Avoid costly delays with fast, reliable results on site. Analyze petrochemical, environmental, food, beverage, industrial, consumer product, military and security-related samples with Torion's portable GC-MS, the TRIDION™-9 and our other person-portable products.

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